Thursday, June 23, 2011

long time... no post

Hace mucho que no actualizo el blog, esto se debe a que temporalmente me encuentro viajando por el mundo y buscando nuevos duelistas. Tratare de poner algo cuando tenga tiempo, pero espero sean pacientes. No es facil tener acceso a internet en cualquier sitio.

Saludos y aprovechen el verano para jugar partidas infinitas sin puntos de vida :P

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fortune lady 3º place Honduras

Maybe some of you hear about the Fortune lady deck that top in the Honduras National Championship. Someone ask me about the decklist and this is what could it be according to my sources.
Monster 16:
Fortune Lady Dark x2
Fortune Lady water x2
Fortune Lady wind x2
Fortune Lady ligth x3
Fortune Lady earth
Genex Ally Birdman x3

Magic 21
Gold sarcofagus x3
Fortune's Future x3
Dimencional Fisure x2
Dark Hole
Giant Trunade
MST x2
Allure of Darkness
Future Visions x3
Terraforming x2
Magical Dimension x3

Trap 8
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Call Of the Hounted
Torrential tribute
Mirror force
Solemn Warnig x2
Solem Judgment

And what could be one of the worst decks of all time, become something wonderful. First we need to talk about the archetype so everybody will understand the benefits of this build.

Fortune lady is an archetype created 2 years ago, with three things:

1.- One the best engines in the game, fortune's future.
2.- A strong field spell card that match with a lot of strategies.
3.- Fast monsters with good synergy.

However the reality behind the theory was different, Future Visions only was good with Fortune lady light, FL wind only works in a normal summon, FL water's effect was hard to accomplish, FL dark was weak and sometimes had nothing to summon. And the worst part was that the "great engine", Fortune's Future, could be sometimes an awful dead draw.

And that was the true... two years ago. Now we have a more reasonable format where maybe this deck could come back to life, and it did, so today we are gonna analyze the reason.

First we have the wonderful field spell that stop a lot of syncro summons or normal strategy moves. Also is a key card for every one of our monsters, especially fortune lady light. Sadly, if we don't have the field, water and every one of our monster are dead, so we add 2 terraforming, that's standar, three could give us more dead draws, this was the old synergy problem of all times. Too many copies or too few? The solution is dimesional fissure, now we don't pack any more field spell cards, we have a continuous spell that stop graveyard abuse and fortune lady light and fortune's future are more playable. In order to give consistence to the deck, we also have 3 copies of gold sarcophagus to match with fortune's future. Or even better to remove necroface, so necroface remove some ladys, and fortune's future put it in the grave.

We also have 1 card that not everybody try in this deck, Ally genex birdman. So we can spam arcanite, a spellcaster syncro that not only destroy two cards, also is another target for magical dimension, a huge spell card that avoid bottomless and stardust dragon.

So before start to think this another shit that a random player use in a small country. I suggest you to try for yourself. You could be amuse of this capacity.