Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Right Banlist

I understand this game is business for Konami, when we see an awesome broken card, they see a piece of paper with huge profits for the company. We know that and we accept it from the beginning. Even though, we keep playing this game because we like it. we used to believe we were receiving what we pay for.

This game has been evolving a lot in the last four years. After Tele-DAD format, this game has been going down on prince, and his complexity attracted a lot of people. Good design (solem warning), tactical decisions (Shi en), Complex strategies (Fishborg blaster), and complex card effects (karakuri). All of these are excellent examples of the things we loved about yugi-oh in the last few years. All these things require skill and experience to be performed perfectly.

However things have been changing a lot lately. Usually Konami push the game to the limit at the end of each format, but this time is not the case. This new format has all the broken decks on it, and what is worst, the next decks of the following months have to be even more broken in order to get a spot in meta and increase konami's profits.

After all these goods years, how could we live with this? How could we play if only a coin toss could kill us? Would we deserve to win only because we draw broken cards?

Why we have to keep feeling this? We shouldn't have to... We buy the cards, we think about it, we play the game, we are yugi-oh, Why we have to let somebody else put the rules? We love this game and now is time to protect it.

Maybe we need to create our own banlist, a good one. A banlist established by the best players in the game (National and continental champions) working together for a healthy format.

We need to show konami and the world what we are capable of. If you think the same, spread this idea. We need to organize us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heavy Storm banned?

As I espected, the full set of galactic overload has been revealed and it clearly shows evol like the next topdeck in the game. With his own personal "Reinforcement of the army" and more versatile monster to create laggia and dolkka (and rank 5-6 monsters as well). Right now there are 6 magic cards that let you search for a dinosour-evol.

Also, there are two cards capable of clean backrow fields with more tactical moves. So there is a chance that heavy storm will be ban in the next list. The card's name are: Storm and absorb pod.

I will writte more about galactic overload if I find enough time to do it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally my ban list prediction

As you can see for my post frequency, my life has been harder and I really have nothing worth to be post it. In fact, I barely have time to play yugi a few hours each week. Anyway, back to the issue of this post. I'm going to post my banlist prediction:


Card Destruction
Monster Reborn
Wind-up Zenmaines
Wind-up hunter


Agent Venus
Rescue rabbit
Dragged down to the grave
Inzektor dragonfly
Laval volcano Handmaiden
Karakuri Ninishi
Dark magician of chaos


Book of moon
Emergency Teleport

No Limited:

Call of hunted

Now I'm going to explain how this list will change the game:

Tengu-Syncro-plant: Without Sangan, Tour guide become less versatile. Also, is almost impossible to search for LooneFire Blossom and without Trishula there is no generic syncro monster that worth all the effort you need to play this deck. Book of moon will make things harder for this deck, as for the rest of syncro decks in the game (Laval, Karakuris, etc)

Dark World: I think the problem here is not the monsters themselves, instead the banlist should hit the easy discard system like Card destruction and Dragged down into the grave. That will let the deck only with the field spell card (that you can't always easily active) and dark world dealing and dark world lightning (both with hard drawbacks). Reborn was usually a +1 on this deck.

Agents: Hyperion is too good, so the agent monster shoudn't be so damn good. Venus has been a problem since the appeareance of xyz monsters on this game and that have go. Also, summon T.G. Striker or Earth usually means a possible easy trishula and Kristia in the same turn. This is another reason to ban Trishula.

Inzektors: Dragonfly is probably the most difficult inzektor monster on the game because you can't use bottomless on him, and his huge defense makes book of moon a little useless. The lack of zenmaines will make this strategy and tour guide itself weaker. However inzektor won't die, it will evolve into a rank 4+ strategy.

Wind-up: Without hunter and zenmaines, the deck is not so strong as before. It is however an excellent deck that we will fear still the next format.

Karakuri: In general, the problem of this deck is the huge combo that refuels his own hand all the time. However the only meta competitive version of the deck is based around a huge backrow field and Naturia beast. The only way to stop both things is hitting KK ninishi.

Laval: Probably the best option is limiting rekindling, but I think konami will hit an OCG card, so it won't appear on the TCG ban list and TCG player will have time to use deck at his full potential. Handmaiden is part of the easy engine that helps the deck to full his grave, that's why the card should be banned. Also, the usual laval strategy is focus on quasar, not in trishula. So the main purpose of the strategy will be intact.

Rescue Rabbit deck: Laggia and Gemknight have been abusing of this card a lot, I probably don't need to say anything else about it.

That's all for today, feel free to comment if you think I left something behind.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Probably more important than the Ban List

Febrery 18 is the released of galactic overload, we will see the total set that is coming for the next format. It is the first set that won't be affected by the banlist. So, if you are trying to buy card for the next format, probably you don't need to wait until the ban list. You only need to see what is coming in galactic overload and buy according to that.

Probably the evol strategy is going to be completed.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The end of Rank 3

With Tour Bus released on the TCG, we get the last support card for rank 3. Konami have been trying to push this since the begining of the format but wasn't really successfull, the number of YCS players down a lot, and the number of player leaving the game increased. Konami finally understand that the whole rank 3 strategy have been a disaster and have to be stopped. The first step was the release of zenmaines on the OCG, the second step was the early release of order of chaos in the TCG, The third step is the reprint announced of Tour guide of the underworld (a totally useless card for the next format). And the final step will be banlist, a new format without zenmaines, Sangan and rank 3 support. A new format which skill drain decks will have advantage.

Tour guide will be still on the game, but it could be only useful on Dark World decks and some fiend and chaos decks. Also, Effect veiler reprint will be totally useless on skill drain format.