Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inzektor is alive?!

I have been thinking on how similar is wind-up factory to black whirlwind, but then I remember Verdant sanctuary, a card that work when an insect is destroyed. I tried to build something with this to rebuild inzektor again and seems I found it.


3 Howling insect
3 Izk Centipede
1 Izk Dragonfly
1 Izk Hornet
3 Izk Hopper
1 Izk Gigamantis
2 Doom Doozer
1 Koa'ki meiru bettle
1 Cross-sword bettle
1 Naturia butterlfy
3 Aztekipede, the worm warrior


3 Verdant sanctuary
1 Foolish burial
1 Allure of darkness
2 Pot of duality
1 Dark hole
1 Heavy
1 Reborn


2 Bottomless
2 Torrential tribute
2 Evacuation device
1 Starlight
1 Solemn judgment
1 Call of the hunted

The main combo here is set howling insect and active verdant sanctuary. Your opponent will attack howling and you can search inzektor dragonfly to the field and inzektor hornet to the hand, if after this point your opponent try to use dark hole to avoid dragonfly effect, you can search again with verdant sanctuary and go for centipede.

Howling insect is great even if you don't have verdant sanctuary on the field. It can protect your life points, or  search for hornet to make the rest of the inzektor cards alive, or search for naturia dragonfly and negate one extra attack before your opponent can actually make some damage. Naturia dragonfly is another great lv3 in this deck, it is searchable with verdant sanctuary and you can make a rank 3 or a level 6 or 7 syncro monsters. Black rose is really usefull if you pretend to special summon doom doozer and push for a lot of damage.

Another great combo here is:

1.- Remove a inzektor hopper to special summon the worm warrior (a NOMI lv4 monster) from your hand.
2.- Summon dragonfly and do the whole combo with centipede searching for another hopper (usually you can skip this part without dragonfly combo because your opponent won't attack you if you have howling on the field or if you have verdant actived).
3.- Exceed for leviair and special summon hopper from the RFG and exceed for a rank 4 monster.

And with this I want to emphasize the importance of doom doozer and worm warrior because they are really heavy beater easily summoned, also worm warrior let you make a lot of rank 4 xyz monsters.

I guess I should be making some videos so you could believe, I will. But in case anyone want to try this build I have warn you: This is not like Inzektor used to be. It is slower and with more control over field.

Also, If 3 insect monster are destroyed while you have 1 verdant sanctuary active, you can search 3 MONSTERS!!, and if you have 2 verdant sanctuary on the field, you can search for 6 MONSTERS!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


YCS Toronto show us how much consistency wind-up have and how much creativity we could explore without inzektor in the game. I did try a psych deck similar to Jeff Jones built, but I didn't want to add Grandsoil because I thought it could be expensive. I'm happy for him going so far, he is clearly one of the best players on this game.

Also, his deck remain me how important could be Creature swap on today's meta (like I said in my previous post). He played one, but the strategy itself include some trading strategy due to psych jumper.

Now I want to attack about another side deck card against dark world. I know it maybe won't be any necessary because it seems DW fail to do anything competitive, but this side deck card is really fun to play.
Your opponent use Gates and discard Browwn, you chain Appropriate and draw 4!,  a dragged down later and you will have 3  more. With 7 new cards you can fight back all the card advantage DW created.

I still never use it, but it is my side deck waiting to mimic maxx C effect.

Next post will have a funny but usefull sidedeck card against Wind-up and Geargia.