Thursday, September 29, 2011


If your opponent love to summon gachi gachi as soon as he can. You can use this card like Raigeki, but better because it is a trap card.

I don't hate Agents, is just that I like finding easy ways to kill meta decks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Imperial Iron wall

Yeah, I know. Most of you will think this a crazy idea, and it doesn't even deserve to be considered. But once again, I'm gonna ask you to think a little about because I gonna analyze the card against the best deck in the format:

If we have imperial iron wall on the field, we block "cards from the sky". In this way, half of the engine of the deck is stopped. Now the problem si how to deal with earth and venus, but actually there are minor problems since your opponent can't summon Hyperion or use his effect if it is already on the field.

Talking about remove from the grave, your opponent can't summon BLS or chaos sorcerer either, or remove monster from game with their effects. Trishula is not longer threat, since it can't remove anything. Eventually the lack of graveyard control will block Kristia, since your opponent can't easily have exact 4 fairys in his grave.

At the end, the only enemies left are gachi gachi and Honest, but probably you can deal with both with the rest of your hand.

So, this could be a great way to rape a whole deck, don't you think?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crystal beast Extra Deck

Someone ask me about the extra deck, so I will put it here and explain a few things about it. But first, here is the deck list again, I add a third MST.

3 Pegasus
3 Ambar
3 Amatist
3 Ruby
3 Topaz
2 Summoner monk
2 Veiler

2 Ancient city - rainbow ruins
1 Terraforming
3 Crystal beacon
2 Crystal promise
2 Crystal release
2 Crystal blessing
3 Pot of duality
1 Book of moon
1 Dark hole

1 Torrential tribute

1 catastor
1 Trishula
1 Scrap dragon
1 Librarian
1 leviair, the sea dragon
1 Gem-Knight Pearl
2 Utopia
2 Steelswarm Roach
1 Vylon Disigma
2 Number 30: Acid Golem of destruction
1 Number 16: Shock Ruler conqueror of colors
1 The Sacred Hyades

Both Utopia and Roach are staple in the deck since Rank 4 is the easier xyz summon you can make. Gem-Knight pearl let you destroy stardust or another 2500atk monster. Whereas Nº30 replace Leviathan dragon in the OCG, don't worry for the burn damage you could suffer, if you manage to keep Nº30 on the field, you are probably wining already. On the other hand, Leviair is really important since one the worst enemies of the deck is bottomless trap hole.

The two best card on your extra are Nº 16 and Vylon Disigma, wich actually are the two best generic xyz monsters on the game (In terms of brokeness). And yes, Librarian is there because I want another lv5 syncro to fight.

In each new pack of the zexal era, new xyz monster will came up and this extra will be stronger.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bird of Roses

If this 1800 atk Beater die in battle, I will get spore and bulb in the field. Also is lv4, so spore could become lv5 later and syncro with sangan to make stardust or scrap dragon. Or, I could use mark of the rose, remove bird and make syncro with whatever destroyed bird of roses at first place.

I could bring cherry inmato if I need to protect my life points...

I'm making a new deck about it, in case you didn't notice.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Six Sams around the world

A lot of people think this deck is garbage right know, and there is not reason to think differently. The lack of consistency since smoke signal is limited has stopped the potencial of the deck and his big openings. Also since everybody use effect veiler, kageki is less efective. And the return of the chaos strategy just make everything harder.

BUT there is one thing that makes this deck good, or at least that is what I think. Magatama of Musakani is the only card perfectly capable of protect a backrow field, with it you can play dimensional prison, warning, bottomless, mirror force, etc. Without the fear of lossing everthing to heavy storm.

Between this and the possibility of summon naturia beast, I think Six Samurais can be a great control deck. Also since you can use a backrow and protect it, you can use other control monsters like kycoo or Pachycephalo.

Six samurais are still played in South America and OCG, Why the rest of the world don't give it a shot?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Infernity New Combo

Probably all of you are following the coverage of YCS Toronto, so you saw this new combo in action. If you still didn't see it, here is the link.

And for those who play infernity decks and can't not totally understand english, I'm gonna slowly explain the combo in spanish:

Necesitas 1 archfiend, 1 necromancer y 1 avenger en grave; 1 mirage o launcher en mano.

1- Convocas Infernitte mirage y lo tributas para revivir archfiend y necromancer, Archfiend te trae launcher del deck. (2 monstruos en el campo y launcher set)

2.- Activas necromander y revives avenger. sincronizas los 3 para traer Hundred eyes dragon. (1 monstruo en campo y launcher set)

3.- Hundred eyes copia mirage y lo remueve. sacrificas hundred eyes para traer archfiend y necromancer, buscas otro necromancer con el efecto de archfiend. (necromancer, archfiend y launcher en campo; necromancer en mano).

4.- Descartas necromancer con el efecto de launcher. Revives avenger con el efecto de necromancer y syncro por castator. (catastor, launcher y necromancer en campo)

5.- Activas launcher y revies avenger y necromancer, syncro avenger y catastor por brionac. (brionac y 2 necromancer en campo. uno de ellos no ha usado su efecto)

6.- Revives archfiend con necromancer y buscas el 3º necromancer. descartas necromancer con brionac para levantar archfiend a la mano. (brionac y 2 necromancer en campo, archfiend en mano)

7.- Juntas ambos necromancer para hacer Leviair the sea Dragon, retiras un necromancer para traer Mirage desde el RFG. (leviair, brionac y mirage en campo. Archfiend en mano).

8.- Descartas archfiend con el efecto de brionac para regresar leviair al extra. (brionac y mirage en campo. no mano)

9.- Activas mirage y traes 2 necromancer. El primero te trae archfiend y el segundo te traer avenger. Infernit archfiend te busca infernity Barrier. ( Brionac, archfiend, avenger y 2 necromancer en campo. Barrier set)

9.- Syncro hundred eyes(1 archfiend, 1 avenger y 1 necromancer) y remueves mirage de nuevo. Tributas hundred eyes (porque tiene el efecto de mirage) y traes 2 necromancer otra vez. el primero te revive archfiend, buscas infernity beetle. (brionac, 3 necromancer, 1 archfiend, barrier set y beetle en mano)

10.- Juntas los dos necromancer que han usado su efecto para traer leviair. retiras un necromancer de leviair para traer Mirage del RFG. Usas brionac para descartar beetle y regresar leviair al extra. (brionac, mirage, archfiend, barrier set y 1 necromancer que no ha usado su efecto. no mano)

11.- Revives bettle con necromancer y syncronizas a trishula. (brionac, Mirage, trishula, barrier set)

12.- usas mirage para traer 2 necromancer. Revives archfiend, buscas otro bettle, lo descartas con el efecto de brionac para devolver trishula. El segundo necromancer te trae avenger y hundred eyes por 3º vez. (necromancer, brionac, hundred eyes y barrier set)

13.- Nuevamente remueves mirage, traes 2 necromancer sacrificando hundred eyes. 1 te revive archfiend y buscas el 3º bettle. Juntas los 2 necromancers que han usado ya su efecto para traer leviair de nuevo. (necromancer, brionac, leviair, archfiend, barrier set y bettle en mano).

14.- Leviair te trae mirage, y descartas bettle para regresar leviair al extra. Necromancer revive bettle y haces trishula por segunda vez. (brionac, trishula, mirage y barrier set).

15.- Mirage te trae necromancer y archfiend, buscas barrier. revives avenger y syncronizas por Infernity doom dragon. (trishula, brionac, infernity doom dragon y 2 barrier set).

De esta manera, usando solo mirage, 3 cartas del grave y 6 recursos de tu extra (brionac, trishula, infernity doom y 3 hundred eyes) puedes ganar el duelo rapidamente. Si es q tu oponente no se ha rendido aun.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random deck

A friend ask me to post this deck, I don't think is too good. It is just average deck capable of surprise the opponent sometimes.

2 caius
2 chaos hunter
3 D hero dasher
2 D hero malicious
1 Stratos
2 Dark grepher
2 Necro gardna
2 Vanity fiend
1 End of anubis
1 Gorz
2 Tragoedia

2 Destiny draw
1 Allure
3 Pot of duality
1 reinforcement
1 E- emergency call
1 Dark hole
1 Book of moon
1 Monster Reborn
2 Soul exchange
1 Heavy Storm

2 Bottomless trap hole
1 Mirror force
1 Solemn Judgment

I see this deck like an Anti-Chaos deck, it have two vanity fiend and two chaos hunter to avoid special summons or effects of chaos monsters. Also, it have the end of anubis to negate some interesting effects like sangan, GK recruiter, Reborn, etc...

I know it have some inconsistency, but at least chaos hunter can discard any card so, I can always drop the garbage to summon it.

Good luck to everyone who is trying to innovate in this format. I think is too hard to figure out something good that can easily beat angels and chaos.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Better than herald and Veiler

Naturia Landoise accomplish the same purpose than Herald of the orange light and Effect Veiler, but he can do it with more efficiency. With landoise you can negate and destroy in any phase of the game (better than veiler), and you only need to discard one card (better than herald). Of course you have to discard a spell card, but in the right deck that won't be a problem. And that deck is Karakuri.

Karakuri is capable of put lv7 Syncro in the field in almost any turn, all the monster are earth, and it even play more spell cards than monster. You can also attack with him.

This card is great in the actual meta, you can negate gorz, tragoedia or veiler when your making the OTK with the burei's swarm. It also eats all the chaos sorcerer, destroy them in battle or negating their effects.

This is a video of me using Karakuri, just to show you how awesome it is:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gishki Ritual Control

Hidden arsenal 5 will bring a lot of new strategies to the game, and of course, some of the more powerful xyz monsters. But today I want to talk about a deck that I wanted to play since it came up in the OCG.

Gishi is an archetype who aims to summon ritual monsters almost every turn. We all know how inconsistency this could be, in fact, the only ritual monsters played lately is herald of perfection and even that deck is really inconsistence. However, Konami know that and instead of create broken ritual monsters like herald of perfection, they create a searchable engine in order to make a really consistence Gishki deck. And this is what I did:

3 deep sea diva
3 Gishki abyss
3 Gishki erial
3 Gishki Shadow
3 Vision Gishki
3 Evigishki gustkrake
1 Evigishki Soul Ogre

3 Gishki ceremonial mirror
1 Book of moon
1 pot of avarice
3 Pot of duality
1 Heavy storm
2 Preparation of rites
2 Moray of greed
3 salvage
1 dark hole

2 Bottomless Trap hole

The key card in the deck is the ritual monster EviGishki Guskrake. Usually the bad thing about a ritual monster is that you need to waste two cards in order to put a ritual monster in the field, and this monster is not the exception. You will need the ritual spell card and something to tribute. But the ritual spell card have anothe effect in the grave, you can return it to the deck and take back the ritual monster from the grave to your hand. So it's a +1 once you use your ritual monster. Also EviGishki Guskrake let you look two cards from your opponent hand and send one to the grave, so it is also a +1. And that is how you will summon a ritual monster without losing card advantage.

You still need to get those 3 cards (the ritual spell, the tribute and the ritual monster), and to do that you have excellent searchers. Gishki Shadow and Vision Gishki can replace the whole tribute you need to Ritual summon a Gishki monsters, also you can discard them to search the ritual monster and the ritual spell card respectively, so you are playing 3 extra copies of each one. This is great to make those rituals summon more easier, but that isn't all. Gishki abyss and Erial let you search for any Gishki card you need, so you will be able to get the ritual monster, Gishki shadow or Vision Gishki. Now you have 12 searchers that let you make your ritual summons twice faster. BUT that isn't all...

Now we add Deep sea diva and Preparation of rites to give even more consistency to the deck and create a truly good first turn. We can summon deep sea diva and bring Vision Gishki, then active the ritual spell card, and use Vision Gishki as the tribute. EviGishki Guskrake will make your opponent discard one card, and then you can syncro diva and EviGishki Guskrake into Stardust dragon. In the grave, you can active the ritual spell card, return it to the deck, and take back EviGishki Guskrake to your hand. Now you have 4 cards in your hand and stardust in the field. While you know one of the four cards that your opponent has in his hand.

I also add 3 Pot of duality and 2 moray of greed to get more consistency to the deck. Pot of avarice and Salvage let you return the Vision Gishki and Gishki shadow to your hand and make even two ritual summons in one turn.

Of course, the worst enemy against this deck is Thunder King rai-oh, but against him we have the perfect side deck:

"Forbidden arts of the Gishki"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crystal Beast Xyz conclusion

I wish have recorded other matchs. Once I used Roach to stop JD and Plagues, something that this deck can do a lot.

I think this deck is like a good wine, It's gonna be better with time. Every Xyz monster that Konami create, is a tool for this amazing xyz summon deck.

P.D. -2 Tragoedia +2 MST (in case you want to try the deck)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Crystal beast XYZ

This is the build I will be testing this format:

3 Pegasus
3 Ambar
3 Amatist
3 Ruby
3 Topaz
2 Summoner monk
2 Veiler

2 Ancient city - rainbow ruins
1 Terraforming
3 Crystal beacon
3 Crystal promise
2 Crystal release
2 Crystal blessing
3 Pot of duality
1 Book of moon
1 Dark hole

1 Torrential tribute

The second summoner monk is great for the deck and veiler really help to avoid those removal cards (caius, chaos, etc). But I think the deck works different to the old version of crystal beast deck, the absence of abundance is an example of that. I'm going to talk about some specific points to clear things up.

1º I'm not trying to bring all the crystal to the field: The old version of the deck supossed to bring as many crystal as it could. Then it took advantage from the field spell effects and crystal abundance. That is totally overrated right now. Now the deck aims to put at least two crystals in S/T zone. Then it use crystal beacon to bring ruby and special summon all the crystal to make some xyz summons.

2º Crystal blessing is not a dead card anymore: In the past, Crystal blessing was the worst card to start the duel because you need to get your crystals in the grave. To do that, you need to summon it first, and then they have to be destroy in the S/T zone. Of course, there is a chance they are in the grave because you use abundance, but if you acctually active abundance, you are probably wining the duel anyway. Now things are changed, now your crystals goes to grave after they have been used like xyz material, and that will happen too often.

3º Promise > Reborn: Promise represent the crystal that ruby have inside, and it accomplish the same purpose. It is the second way you have to summon the monsters you need to do your xyz summons.

4º Pegasus bring cards from the grave too: Don't forget it XD

5º Ancient city - rainbow ruins breaks the rules: This card have a lot of effects, but the first effect has a special ruling. If you have at least one crystal beast in your S/T zone and your opponent use heavy storm or black rose, Ancient city will not be destroy. Watch it.

6º XYZ summoning: In a typical situation the deck summon two xyz monster at the same time, and the best combination is Utopia + Roach. But in some cases Vylon Disigma and Nº16 Ruler of color will give you an instant wining condition.

I hope you like the build. To be honest, if you don't get to summon roach faster, there is no way you can win against Kristia.

P.D. I'm happy for the XYZ ruling change :P