Thursday, September 26, 2013

All sides of Hieratics

As you might now, I have been play testing hieratics in many different ways in this format with the addition of labradorite dragon and galaxy serpent. I wanted to make some videos to show you as always, but I had too many troubles to adjust the camara. When I finally get it, I didnt found a duel interesting enough to be posted. I was really frustrated about it, so I decide to just post some simple duels where you can see what the deck can do now (and couldnt do it before).

On this video, you can see how I decided to make black rose dragon to blow up the whole field because my opponent had made a huge field investment. On this link you can see how I created a huge field and bring stardust at the same time to protect everything. This is the new thing that hieratic couldnt do before. Now they can protect their own field.

I have to more things to say:

1.- I have played better duels than these ones. And of course, I have played worse duels than these. However I dont record everything I do in dueling network. The deck is good, but it require a lot of skill and experience to be played successfully.

2.- Apparently there are three ways to play this deck:
-Normal hieratic: Only hieratics monsters + Carcard D + Duality
- Hieratic Rulers: Using non dark or light normal monsters instead of labradorite dragon + dragon rulers + seven swords.
- Chaos hieratic (this is my build): using hieratics monsters and "random" darks to summon chaos sorcerer and BLS.
I feel a little tire of the deck, so I wont be testing all the others builds. But I can assure you the hieratic rulers is the most consistence build from those three.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Something weird on this new format

At the beginning of this format I did what I always do, testing old decks. Many of you do the same, however for me is bit different because I use to test my old weird decks. Usually I win most of those games because my opponent don't know what I'm playing or don't know what to expect (creativity win games sometimes).

However this format was different, I lost most of those duels. Also, some of my old decks wasn't really playable or able to adapt to the new ban list. The format was so shaped, that I found myself restricted to left behind many of old decks.

I keep thinking about it, but I'm not sure what happened. The lack of staple on the game have bigger consequences that I thought.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New trap or old trap?

First I want to apologize for not updating the blog recently, I have been a bit lazy this days (and I know that is not a good excuse). I want to things better for the blog and for you community, so you might see more post from now on.

Today I want to talk about and old trap card that might be in everybody side deck or main deck right now, and that card is Vanity of Emptiness.

Even though it didn't have too much impact during his release, You can see it everywhere by now. And if you still think this card doesn't suit your deck, you are either a fool or a bad deck builder.

With the decrease of trap staples on this game and/or good defense cards, vanity of emptiness fit the hole that royal oppression had left. In theory, you might think that vanity of emptiness can disappear easily, however some decks and some specific fields can find a away to keep it alive and win with it. The best example was Dracossack + tokens + vanity of emptiness. That was a really hard field because you had to destroy the tokens and dracossack the same turn to get rid of him, but you can't special summon and there is nothing else to destroy and blow away emptiness. The field was almost perfect.

Those situations are less common everyday and that's good. However, vanity keeps coming back in many duels even if it only purpose is avoid 1 special summon. It is a great deal if you think about it. With bottomless and warning at one, What other card can avoid an special summon better than vanity of emptiness? You don't need to pay, and you can easily destroy it yourself if you don't need it anymore. Of course there are many situations where is useless, but bottomless and warning also had drawbacks so....

Why don't give it a chance and try it your main deck?