Sunday, July 21, 2013

What about MST?

We finally get that time of the format when every start to wish and guess what cards are gonna be ban or limited. Probably we all can agree about Dragon Rulers and Spellbooks somehow get a hit, and a few duelist out there still think that mermails and fire fist have to be hit, I agree with that.

However, It seems nobody else remember that we cant and couldnt set trap cards. All this start with mermails and Chaos Agents, two decks with huge present in the past format, both of them used 3 MST to deal with backrow fields, both of them capable of duel huge amount of damage in one turn. The lack of backrow protection lead to the creation of Fire Fist, an archetype that search continuous spell and trap cards so a single MST couldnt really hurt them.  All that fell behind Spellbook and Dragon rulers due to draw power (because draw power beat everything).

As soon as spellbook and Dragon Rulers get out of the metagame picture, we will end up in the same problem, What about MST? We still can not use trap cards? The game will still be as fast as it was 6 months ago? Is this the same demon but with a different name?

I think it will be...