Monday, May 6, 2013

Too many news and too many time...

Long time since my last post and probably all of you know why. This game have change a lot bla bla bla etc etc. I think I don't even need to tell you what happen because we all can see it, many youtubers and bloggers have talk about it, quieted this game and ranted about what it become. I won't do the same, but I understand their feeling to the game, and feel as sad as them.

Anyway, a lot have happen on this game since my last post. Elemental dragons (ED) and Spellbooks (SB) went up and big eye become a high price card. Judgment of the Light was released on the OCG and nothing competitive came up to compete against ED or SB. It is a really interesting pack in my opinion, but maybe won't sell as good as lord of the tachyon.

At this point, I feel far from the competitive or even casual scene. And I like it because the game is awkward right now, I have this feeling of guilt or hate if I win or lose just because I open lucky. I have been trying to think on the future of this game, but every time I make some deep thoughts on the last cards designed I see the same things we already faced right now.

Blue eyes structural deck, which include blue-eyes maiden and blue-eyes silver dragon, seems to be focus on special summon a 3000 atk beater. This probably means that the agro style format we have been living for the past two years will be keep going for a while.The new syncro monsters are no difference, Celestial dragon, Claiomh Solais, Almades and  Psychonductor Behemont have effects usefull mainly in agro formats.

To provide some kind of peace on this format of brokeness, konami created a new anti-meta card: Trifortressops. I should call it anti-dead card instead, because is one of the few things that can stop all the elemental dragon tools and LaDD. Also, in case you didn't notice, if your opponent summon 3 or monsters, you can summon this card at ANY MOMENT THIS TURN. This is not like fader, gorz or tragoedia. Your opponent can not see this coming never. This card may become expensive, you should try to buy two or three.

As I said before, I have been trying to think on the future. It is clear to me that the format will still be agro. However the fact that konami keep printing cards against backrow confuse me, few decks can afford to play backrow anyway. Harpie ladies destroy all backrow while all phantom beast are untouchable, I could say similar things about spell books or evilwarms, but I'm sure you already see the point here. I guess this is only a push foward to an agro format.

September is still far, but I guess konami knows that Dragon lords are not here to stay. Eventhough they are super rare in Asia, they are coming rare for the TCG. I think Konami is trying to sell as much as possible of them before the banlist. Which is nice because brings some good feelings for the future, however I don't know why konami put the dragon lords on tins, and maybe more important than that, what else is coming in the tins?? If dragon lords isn't a toptier deck, big eye won't need a reprint.

Anyway, I will try to be back on the blog. Thanks to keep reading me.