Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the edge of the format

This month has been really stressful for me because of personal stuffs. Today I feel in the eye of the hurricane, so I decided to use these minutes of calm to write a little on the blog.

I know I have been absent the last month and already explained the reason on previous posts. Even I dont have a place to play yugi-oh on my current town, I still play in dueling network from time to time and keep update about new cards, tournaments topdecks and reprints.

I was relieved when I saw the new cards from shadow specter. I still think the next format will be an agro format, but we will be seeing a slow transition between agro and control. Something similar happened at the end of teledad format. I could say more nice things about the future, but I guess we will have time for this. We havent even started the banlist speculation, even though probably everybody want it.

Meanwhile, I have been testing some decks and making some videos to show you. However, there is two problems about it:

-Testing in DN is harder due to the new duel pool and match duel.
-Speelbook and Dragon Rulers are so OP than any deck look like a fool against them. It take some time to record a duel that is decent enough.

Anyway, I dont know if I could show you something in the next few days or weeks, I hope I can.

Good luck during the rest of this joke format.