Monday, June 25, 2012

I have Time!!!

So, I finally have some time to write again. I have been playing many things on DN and I have some things to comment about.

I have been trying to use king of the skull servant with Wigthmare, it is good in a sort of chaos variant, because wightmare let you control the number of darks in the grave. However, the deck is not really good, I don't know if it is my fault or is because the idea is bad, even though it have some awesome moves. Anyway, check the decklist and then I will explain how all this suppose to work:

3 King of the skull servant
3 Wightmare
3 Mystic piper
2 Level eater
1 Sangan
3 Quickdraw synchron
3 Eclipse wyvern
2 Red-eyes darkness metal dragon
3 Lightpulsar dragon
1 Darkflare dragon
1 Chaos sorcerer
1 Black luster soldier
2 tragoedia
1 Gorz
3 veilers

2 Tuning
2 A dog's chance
1 Reborn
1 Allure
1 One for One
1 Heavy Storm

So, You probably don't see the pattern here. The first combo is removing eclipse and skull servant to summon a chaos monster, Then I will use wightmare to summon skull servant from the RFG and attack with it. Of course, all this have to happen on a late game. So, I tried to add some light and dark cards to establish a first turn play. that's why I add 3 pipers and 2 tragoedias. Between the spells cards we have "one for one" to bring piper or skull servant and put some cards on the grave quickly. A dog's chance accomplish the same purpose, you just need to summon tragoedia and change his level to1. or bring back level eater from the grave and use a dog's chance to get piper.

Talking about level eater, the card is awesome. Many of you already know that, it is a key card on junk doppel, and it was a useful element on scraps, fableds among others. On this deck, level eater let you do 4 different things:

1.- It let you active and use a dog's chance successfully. Because you need to normal summon or you loss 2000 damage.

2.- It protect your life points. Even if your opponent find a way to destroy pulsar and redmd, he won't touch your life points if he doesn't have another monster.

3.- It change Monster levels. Which is really important right now. You can change pulsar and sorcerer  level to 5. That allow you to summon Tiras or Adreus. You have Darkflare and Quickdraw for that to.

4.- Easy Quickdraw summon. With level eater and a lot of chaos monster you can summon quickdraw without any problem. You can summon Pulsar/chaos sorcerer, use eater eff and tribute to summon quickdraw, then use eater eff again and syncro summon drill warrior.

5.- Two level eater makes easy Golden Rat summons, which means you have an extra engine to draw more cards and add a light monster to the grave.

By the way, Drill warrior is one the of the best card for a chaos deck. It allow you recover piper to constantly draw, or veiler to constantly negate effects. You can send redmd or skull monsters to prepare your grave for big plays. And you can retrieve chaos sorcerer or BLS.

I will upload some videos about the deck soon. I promise.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gold series 5 is only Meta Predictor

I always saw gold series like a warning for things to come. The first gold series brought us breaker the magical warrior, months after that breaker was unbanned. The gold series 2 brought us "exiled of the wicked", a card that destroy all fiends on the field. The next year, infernity arrived to the meta. And gold series 4 brought us Eradicating aerosol, a card that destroy all insect on the field. A year from that, insektor came out. Also, BLS was reprinted and then unbanned.

So, now we can see gold series 5 and ask ourselves, There is something here that will impact the future?

Many amazoness warrior were reprinted just before the new amazoness support were released. So, we could expect some new dark scorpion support for the next format.

Barkion and Beast are good on six samurai and karakuri, so probably neither of them will be hit by the ban list.

Too many zombies appear on gold series 5, could we see a zombie come back on the next format??

I already tested the next structure deck and it is really good. However, you will need three hanzos to play it. I will show you some videos when I finish some issues of my personal life.