Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock Paper Scissors

Maybe some of you guys already thought this when you was playing on DN:

"I understand that scissors can beat paper, and I get how rock can beat scissors, but there is no way paper can beat rock. Paper is supposed to magically wrap around rock and leaving it immobile? Why can't paper do this to scissors? screw scissors, why can't paper do this to people? why are not sheets of colleges ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating students as they attempt to take notes in class? I'll tell you why. Because paper can't beat anybody, a rock would tear it up in two seconds. When I play rock paper scissoors, I always choose rock. Then when somedoby claims to have beaten me with their paper I can puch them in the face with my already clenched fist and say, oh sorry, I thought paper would protect you. "

"Yo entiendo que las tijeras le ganen al papel, y que la roca pueda con las tijeras, pero no hay ninguna posibilidad de que el papel le gane a la roca. ¿Supuestamente el papel va a rodear mágicamente a la roca hasta dejarla completamente inmóvil? ¿Porque no puede hacerle lo mismo a las tijeras? Olvida las tijeras, ¿Porque no puede hacerle lo mismo a la gente? ¿Porque no los folios de los colegios guian al papel de los cuadernos para sofocar a los estudiantes que intentan tomar notas en clase? Yo te diré por qué. Porque el papel no le gana a nada, una roca lo haría pedazos en dos segundos. Cuando yo juego papel-piedra-tijeras, siempre elijo piedra. Luego cuando alguien dice que me ha vencido con su papel, yo puedo golpearlos en la cara con mi puño (piedra) y decir, oh lo siento, pensé que el papel te protegería."

Monday, August 29, 2011

End of the format

It have been a long format for me, but finally is over. So, probably some of you have wonder which deck I have been playing the whole format, and this is it.

3 Tengu
3 Hamster
2 Ryko
2 Lonefire
1 spore
1 glow-up bulb
3 tanngnjostr of the nordic beast
3 guldfaxe of the nordic beast
2 veiler
1 dandylion
1 sangan

2 mark of rose
1 mind control
1 dark hole
1 reborn
1 book of moon
1 foolish
2 pot fo avarice

2 bottomless
1 mirror force
1 starlight
1 solem judgment
1 dust tornado
1 gleipnir, the fetter of fenrir

I'm not gonna talk about the deck itself, so if you want to know how it works go to this page.

Now, probably you see the changes that I have made in the last months. Tengu is important to create more syncro option, also I always wanted to put out trooper, I hate when I mill mark of rose. Gorz is out of the deck because I aim to put card on the field via tengu and hamster (which are the best way to start your game). Instead of gorz I put "Gleipnir, the fetter of fenrir", so I can give more strong to the nordic engine.

It is the best deck I ever create, and I'm very proud of it. I'm not sure it works well in the next format. To be honest, I don't feel happy for the next format, but there is nothing I can do for that. Mark of rose is a Key Card in the game, remember it because some day will be really broken.

Por ultimo quisiera agradecer a todos mis lectores por pasar siempre por aqui y mirar todas mis actualizaciones, sobretodo la gente de latinoamerica (recalcando México) que son los que mas tiempo dedican en leer lo que escribo. Aprecio que entiendan que haya decidido escribir en ingles a pesar de saber que vosotros son los que mas leen.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Relinquished lv1 Deck

Some of my fellow readers will recognize this deck, but for the new ones please open your minds for a second to hear this crazy idea.

22 monsters

3 manju the ten thousand hands
3 relinquished
2 tragoedia
2 d.d. trainer
2 mokey mokey
4 exodia pieces (normal monsters)
1 gorz
3 chaos

11 magics

1 allure
1 heavy storm
1 dark illusion ritual
1 advanced summon arts
1 dark hole
2 elephant's gift
1 preparation of rites

7 traps

3 common charity
3 reckless greed
1 torrential tribute

Let me explain this:

Ritual engine: Advanced ritual arts works here like foolish burial either for a dark or a light monster. You can summon manju, active ritual arts to send an exodia piece and then summon relinquished. With this you can acomplish a lot of things, you can put a dark and a light in the grave for your chaos monsters; you can put 3 dark monster for your DAD; you can summon relinquished, a great monster in a format without warning, also it eat monsters like stardust or sangan without even send it to the grave yet, it create more damage for the opponent also.

Those few normal monsters also work for the second engine of the deck, common charity. A great card to fed tragoedia attack. Also it can be chain it to MST, or you can set two of these and you opponent will atk you with no fear for gorz, then you active both and summon gorz.

Also you have elephant gift and allure to create more draws, don't worry for your normal summon, you basicly win by summon all your strong monsters.

And the last engine of the deck is reckless greed, this card is ussually a -1 for you. but if your opponent use MST on it, you will recover that -1. Also you will have two cards a head. The best about this card on this deck, is that the engine is so strong that you will have two reckless greed at the same time all the time. So you won't need to wait to use it.

With these 7 traps, you can create a scary backrow that can be totally chainable against heavy or mst. Also you have 4 exodias pieces to create more fear on your opponent.

I create this deck 6 months ago, and the problems were royal oppression and the heavy backrow fields. Now both things disappears, and BLS and tragoedia are back. You should try this deck in the new format, the side deck have more things to have fun.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The wonder wand of the Gravekeepers

In the last format, we had a 50% chance of loss all the monsters due to necrovalley, and this format won't be the exception. Now we have Wonder Wand to make that percentage higher, also we have mind crush at two.
Now GK can destroy all your monsters and a key magic or trap card in your hand (heavy storm), without even start your turn.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why GK is not dead?

Let's analyze what they did in the past format:

1.- Control every monsters on the hand thanks to royal tribute.
2.- Control every monster on the field thanks to GK descendant.
3.- Control every effect monster due to warning and necrovalley.

All those three things happen thanks to GK recruiter and pot of duality. Now I want you to think on the format before this one, you know what I'm talking about, that format where plant-debris was strong. That format where they play 3 debris dragon, 2 dandylions, giant trunade and cold wave. That format where everybody was afraid of a black rose summon in any turn.

In that format, the first GK deck won a YCS using 2 starlight road, and they had more enemies than a simple heavy storm. So, do you still think that they won't survive in this new format?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Skill Successor

Don't you know how to protect your Steelwarm roach against trooper or jain or any other monster? Are you afraid of MST and heavy storm? No problem...

Skill successor can be chain it to MST or heavy, so you will boost roach to 2300 atk. Then you can remove skill successor next turn to beat your opponent.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I think about the new banlist

The new list gives a lot of mixed feelings for everyone. I'm not too sure about what I feel... this list solve a lot of problems of the meta, but sangan will be in the game to make tour guide a high price card. This force people to make a lot xyz summons, and abuse of rescue rabbit via sangan, another example of this is call of the hunted, now we can easily bring sangan with tour guide and then bring him back with call of the hunted.

We barely have mind crush to avoid the sangan's search, but that isn't enough. That only makes GK stronger than they already are. In the other hand, we have summoner monk at two. A big push for scrap decks, since they are now capable of make scrap dragon, any other syncro of lv8, arcanite magician, roach, utopia or any other xyz of rank 4. In fact, we have a lot of card to hide ourselves (gravity bind or swords of reveling light) until we make a xyz summon.

To avoid all those xyz summons we only have royal tribute (for GK) and mind crush to enhance our victory. And we have icarus attack again, now BW can fly again to stop syncro and xyz monsters. Also sirocco is a great card against roach, like gale or vayu or anything else. But that's it; nothing else can stop xyz monsters...

Sure we got a lot of material for chaos and lightsworm. But soon the priority rule will disappear and all those special summon (lv6+) will be food for roach and bottomless trap hole (and deep bottomless trap hole)

As you can see, konami didn't touch machina or fairies. But they limit the power and consistency of plants and six samurais. So, you should be prepare for a season of no-syncro monsters, this time the battle will be between high star monsters and xyz monsters. Too much work for steelwarm roach?

Ban list 2011 sept

go check it out.

I will make a review about it soon

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Campeonato Mundial - Noticias

En estos momentos se esta jugando el campeonato mundial, posiblemente todo el mundo que sepa ingles y sepa donde buscar ya estará al tanto de los resultados ronda a ronda. Para aquellos que no lo saben, y por alguna razón visitan este blog, voy a hacer una breve explicación de lo que ha ocurrido.

Para empezar, el campeonato mundial reune 13 jugadores occidente, 12 jugadores asia y al campeon mundial del año pasado. Estas 26 personas juegan un torneo de 5 rondas de una hora cada una, para terminar en top8. Existen 2 cosas que diferencian este torneo de cualquier otro:

1.- El meta: Estan prohibidas todas las TCG exclusive, es decir, todas las cartas que el OCG tiene prohibido usar. Estan prohibidas todas las cartas de Generation Force hacia adelante, es decir, todas las cartas que aun no han llegado al TCG. Esto quiere decir que un gran numero de exceed monsters no se pueden usar, de la misma manera cartas de alto nivel como tengu y tour guide son inutiles.

2.- El Ruling: Despues de mucho discutir se llego a la conclusión que la prioridad esta prohibida en el torneo. De la misma manera, los xyz material no estan en el campo (sangan no se activa si es enviado al grave como xyz material). Por tanto, y como en años anteriores, el ruling del mundial refleja el juego del OCG. Esto ha pasado ya 5 veces en toda la historia de los mundiales, de hecho en otros años la lista de septiembre agregaba un cambio de ruling para que el TCG sea igual OCG (¿ya saben que pasara este año no?).

Por estas dos razones, el campeonato mundial es el torneo mas complicado que puede tener el juego. Solo jugadores totalmente dedicados y con la mejor preparacion pueden ser capaz de sobrellevar estos cambios y salir victoriosos.

Ahora os presento la disposicion de decks del campeonato de este año:

Con estos resultados podemos ver que Konami a generado structural decks demasiado potentes, capaces de batir casi todo el meta normal del juego. Por otro lado Junk doppel es tan fuerte como tengu plants, prueba suficiente de que el problema real del deck es el motor planta.

De los 26 representantes voy a centrarme en 3 de ellos, el primero es Raul Fernandez, jugador español que ocupo el 2º puesto en el campeonato europeo usando worms. Michel Grüner, jugador aleman con un amplio curriculum, ganador del campeonato europeo de este año usando tengu plants (como nunca se habia visto antes). Por ultimo Galileo Obadia, jugador panameño ganador del mundial del año pasado.

Lamentablemente de estos 3 solo dos de ellos han logrado entrar en el top8, de hecho son los unicos representantes de occidente. En top 8 Obadia sigue defendiendo su titulo, llegando a top4. Sin embargo Grüner ha recibido su segundo warning por tardar usando el side. Esto ha hecho que reciba un game lost, tras una acalorada discusión, y un duelo mas, Grüner ha quedado fuera tras perder contra Junk doppel.

Mas noticias sobre el top4 y el ganador del torneo, en unos momentos.

El top4 son 2 Junk doppel, 1 Machina y 1 Fairy

Galileo de Obaldia quedo 3º

La final entre Junk doppel vs Agents (ambos de Japón) ha acabado en victoria para Agents.

Prueba final de que Konami se esta pasando con los decks estructurales.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crystal Beast with Exceed monsters

I have been testing crystal beast, to prove the power of xyz monsters in old decks. The result is quite interesting. Many cards that used to be useless become totally necessary.

This is my actual decklist (I'm still working on it):

New things that came due to xyz monsters:

Reborn tengu: Since the TCG ruling of the xyz monsters indicate that xyz material are on the field, tengu and Sangan become more broken than before. Now it isn't only a tool for syncro summons, it is also a tool for xyz summon. His job in crystal beast is making the combo easier when the time comes.

Crystal Promise: I always saw this card like a monster reborn for crystal beast, but wasn't that useful. either way, right now is a tool to create a xyz monster or to put ruby on the field again.

Crystal abundance: I no longer need to depend on this card to win. In fact, I'm thinking in put it out of the deck.

Crystal blessing: In the past this card was one of the worst card of the deck, you had to wait a lot in order to be able to use it. However with xyz monsters, all the crystals go to graveyard so blessing become more useful and really important.

Usual situations:

Normally I make Utopia and roach if my opponent doesn't have anything strong in the field. But when he has a searcher or a strong monsters, I bring Vylon disigma.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

XYZs and old decks

In Yugi-oh there are some fun decks that have nothing to do in the competitive environment, either way a lot duelist work every day to make them competitive decks. Usually only casual players spend their time playing these type of decks (batteryman, aliens, watts, ice barriers, koaki meru, etc) without waste big amounts of money in cards like warning or pot of duality. But sadly, they need these cards more than anyone else because is the only way to give stability to those unstable strategies. Luckily for everyone pot of duality will be reprinted, and all those casual players will have the opportunity to improve their strategies. Meanwhile, Xyz monsters are coming to the TCG, they work in every deck and the best monsters right now are mainly for control. If you think this carefully, you will find a lot of all strategies capable of bring a steelwarm roach without lose card advantage. Maybe this is a opportunity for all the player that don't have syncro monsters but want to try out the xyz monsters. It is time to change the game.

This deck began with batteryman AA and the possibility of generate an OTK. This idea started to shape itself with batteryman charger, micro cell and short circuit. But the deck lack of consitence, it doesn't have any tuner monster, and summon three batteryman into the field become harder than before. Later batteryman AAA appeared with batteryman fuel cell in shining darkness, it increases the chance of use short circuit, but batteryman AAA was really useless a turn later or in any other scenario. Now things are going to change, you can summon Batteryman AAA, find your way to summon an extra batteryman, and after cleaning the board with short circuit, you can make roach or Utopia instantly. Like this, Batteryman have a lot of cards to create more xyz monsters than anyone else.

Crystal Beast:
A lot of people don't know the potential of this deck, however I'm not going to talk about how good is ancient ruins rainbow city or crystal abundance. The important part now is Crystal beacon. With this card we can summon Ruby from the deck and summon the two (or more) crystal monster in our backrow into our field. Ruby, Emerald, and amathist are no longer garbage in the field thanks to the xyz monsters. Now they are potential material for leviathan or Utopia or roach. One of the main problem in this deck was the total commitment to the field that it required, JD, DAD, black rose and other monster used to kill crystal beast. But now is easier to protect them thanks to roach. At the end you can play abundance, summon 4 crystal beast and overlaid to summon utopia and roach.

Like those two, there are more old cats capable of learn new tricks, I'm going to keep searching.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Deck Lockdown

Can be usefull against tech genius if you can't fit rai-oh in your strategy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Banlist Predictions sept 2011 (english)


Hyper Librarian
Limiter removal
Mind control
one for one
Gateaway of the six
lonefire blossom

Limited to 1:

Doble edge sword technique
Formula syncron
Black luster soldier


Gravekeeper spy
destiny draw
Agent earth
Kizan LSS

The main problem of the game right now is syncro-plant decks, either way I don't think tengu will be on the list this time. Also the strengh of the deck in the OCG meta has proved how good it is without Tengu, so maybe Konami will ban librarian and restrict part of the engine.

In my opinion this problem could be solved if konami removed part of the tuners or the no-tuners. However either glow-up bulb or spore have well designe, and you can not ban dandylion because doppel warrior accomplish the same purpose. The only solution is restrict the syncro monster, formula syncron, so the material will be meaningless. Furthermore iif konami ban one for one and lonefire blossom, the deck won't abuse of the whole plant syncro engine. In this way, The combination of glow-up bulb and reborn tengu is still great, but it is harder to create.

The syncro summon strategy have been evolving in order to create big monsters with hard summon requirements, while the small monsters become syncro material with weak attack but strong search effects. For this reason, Sangan is a key card right now. Some people are willing to play tour guide to the underworld only to search Sangan. Maybe this card will be banned this time.

Mind control have been a overwhelm card since the arrived of the syncro age, and it will become worse with the exceed age. Every game can be drasticly changed with this card, so it has to go, and some day Mark of the Rose will go too.

Gateaway of the six / Limiter removal: These two cards are great examples of overpower and madness. These two create instant wining scenarios if we play it correctly. I think this is the type of card that should be banned from the game.

Fishborg blaster: If sangan and one for one are banned and formula syncron is limited to 1, the potential of this card will decrease. So I don't think it will be on the list this time.

Kristia y Agent earth: Even when this deck has a lot of engines, I think that earth and Kristia are the main problem. Kristia is hard to kill behind herald of perfection or any other strong fairy defense (like herald of the orange light).

Doble Edge sword technique: This is why six samurai is capable of summon trishula, summon a shi en any turn, destroy many monster at the once (thanks to hand of the six), and eat all your life points at the same time.

Gravekeeper Spy is the oldest card of the actual meta, however it have the worst design ever. A 2500 def monster capable of summon almost any gravekeeper monster from the deck, this kind of thing should not even exist. Also gravekeeper stele let you recover it. If this card is semi restricted, both players will feel more the effect of royal tribute.

I think six samurai is in the game in order to force people to concentrate in their monsters (while gravekeeper force people to concentrate in their magic and trap cards). What is wrong with six samurai is his capacity to summon many monsters easily, that was not a problem before because grandmaster is a well design card, but Kizan is not....