Monday, November 26, 2012

Diawulf beast Videos and the "limbo" in Yugi-oh

While I write this, two videos are uploading to my youtube channel, I will put the links as soon as it finish.

Meanwhile, I always had this doubt:

Player A normal summon Sangan
Player B active Solemn warning

Sangan's effect don't active because it didn't go the field successfully. I think we all can agree with that. So, now we will go with the real doubt:

Player A set Sangan. End turn
Player B set Solemn warning. End turn
Player A flip summon Sangan
Player B active Solemn warning

In this case, Sangan's summon is negated, however it was already on the field. So, what do you think? it was on the field or not? Can player A active Sangan's effect? The answer (believe it or not) is No.

While a monster is summoned (normal, special or flip) it goes to a "limbo" state where it is not on the field or hand. And if you negate that summon, it doesn't count like it was destroyed on the field.

I ask this on Adjudication Conflagration, the judge facebook group.

So, now you know. Yugioh have a field for living monsters, a graveyard for dead monsters, and a "limbo" which is that period of time where the monster is been summoned.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diawulf Beast deck

So, after testing about the deck the whole week I end up with this built. I know is good, but I have the feeling that the next "heraldic beast" archetype will be stronger than this. Anyway, I won't talk about the main combo of the deck because I already did it in my previous post. By the way, one of my favorite moves here is special summon gallis, special summon warwulf and then use disorderly march to draw two. This is a really easy way to summon Zenmaines without waste your normal summon.

3 Super nimble Mega Hamster
3 Chain dog
3 tanngnjostr of nordic beast
3 guldfaxe of nordic beast
1 tangrisnir of nordic beast
1 Ryko lightsworm hunter
3 Gallis the star beast
3 T.G. Warwulf
3 T.G. Rhino
1 T.G. Striker
2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
2 Maxx C
3 Veiler

1 Heavy storm
1 Reborn
2 Disorderly march

2 Gleipnir, the fetters of fenrir

I will upload some videos soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally online

Yes, I finally got internet connection again. I feel really sad to see many blogger leaving yugi-oh. I grew with them and know they quit with dissapointment. I will be here anyway while I still love this game.

I need to talk about Beast type monsters. I have to do it because I have been working on a full monster deck based on that, I was waiting a lot for a xyz beast monster which is the final piece of the puzzle and now I got it.

I can't give you a real decklist because I want to finish a full testing version, however I can talk about the main combo and why this will be a good move on the meta.

You have tanngnjostr on the field (probably special summon by his own eff on a previous turn), now use his effect and special summon guldfaxe. Then special summon chain dog from the grave for free. At this point you can special summon T.G. warwulf from your hand.

You control right now 2 lv3 and 2 lv4 (3 of them are beast and 1 is tuner). So you have a lot of options right now. However, I can do more things with the new xyz beast monster: Diawulf, the Terrorfang. Overlay Guldfaxe and chain dog to make diawulf and use his eff, destroy T.G. warwulf and an opponent's card. Right now you only waste two cards, the original tanngnjostr and warwulf, however warwulf will bring you another T.G. so, you only waste one card.

At this point you still control Diawulf and tanngnjostr, so you can special summon Chain dog and use your normal summon to make a rank 4 or rank 3 monster. In fact, if you summon another lv4, you can make a new Diawulf, destroy tanngnjostr and another opponent's card. At this point you only control two diawulf, so you can special summon chain dog from the grave again and push for 5600 damage. Also, in the end phase you can search for T.G. Rhino.

The move is really good, and it have more support like disorderly March.

I will make a new post with a complete decklist and some videos.