Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The card advantage dilemma (2014 edition)

Problem: Your opponent is trying to search his whole deck

Solution: Active Mistake

Problem: Your opponent already search his whole in the first turn

Solution: Xyz summon verzbeaute and wipe out the whole field. Then set Mistake and stop all future bullshit. 

Final Conclusion: Enjoy a fair game where you and your opponent try to overcome each other by destroying cards, inflict damage and making good reads.

(Also you will have to pay for 3 copies of Mistake and 2-3 copies of Verzbeaute, which probably cost 100$ each piece)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chaos - Oath deck sept 2013

Hi everyone, I have been testing archfiend of Oath since the time I found that guy who beat me. After a lot of testing I finally make this built.

3 armageddon knight
3 Dark grepher
1 Evilswarm ketos
2 Dimensional alchemist
2 Photon trasher
1 Chaos sorcerer
1 Black luster Soldier - envoy of the beginning
1 Dark armed dragon
2 Plaguespreader zombie
3 Destiny hero malicious
3 Wybustar the ivory dragon
3 Collapserpent the ebony dragon
2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
2 Maxx C
2 Effect veiler
1 Archfiend of Heiress

1 Reinforcement of the army
1 Allure of darkness
1 Foolish burial
2 D.D.R. different dimension reencarnation
2 Archfiend's oath

The key combo here is summoning Lavalval Chain and send Heiress to the grave to search for Archfiend's Oath. In that way, you can put any monster on the top (BLS) and then name it with Oath effect to add it instantly.

Dark grepher, armageddon, trasher, ivory and ebony are some of the cards made it to accomplish that goal. According to your grave, you can search for DAD or BLS. Also, you can make the usual malicious-plagues combo. Plaguespreader zombie is a great card with Oath, and you can use it more than once if you draw DDR. I trully recommend this deck, one of the best things I ever played.

Now I leave you with a video of "Igiveup"the man who show me this strategy. Also, you should look out for a previous video on my channel, because I uploaded more things about this deck.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New xyz black rose?!

According to all the ocg sources right now, there is a new rank 4 xyz monsters wich looks like this:

2 level 4 monsters 

1900 atk / 0 def
If the total number of cards your opponent controls and has in their hands is higher than the total number of cards you control and in your hand, you can activate this effect by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card. Destroy all other cards on the field. This effect can only be activated during your Main Phase or your opponent's Battle Phase.

Which means we finally have a black rose xyz monster, even though we can only active his effect if we are losing... pretty good, dont you think?

I really believe this card is going to shape the game. From now on, field presence is too dangerous, while card advantage (in hand) and draw power means everything. 

Also, maybe this cards could work in Crystal Beast because they never actually loss a monsters if it goes destroy.... time to testing I guess. 

P.D: Did you realize this card don't have the "once per turn" restriction and is also light??

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The man who beat me with my own strategy

This time I bring you a chaos deck, which I have being building to add bls - envoy of the twilight, A 3000 atk beastick. To summon it, you have to remove all lights or darks in grave, while you have the same amount of each atribute in grave. His effects are not really good and if you active it, you can not attack that turn. That is why this card is garbage for most people. But I think it have a lot of potential if you control the grave. Another card that I'm trying to add is Chaos seed. Which let you add a dark or light warrior monster from the RFG. If you play it correctly, you could make a loop between both BLS mosnter and Chaos seed, so you will always have a lv8 3000 atk monster.

I started testing this idea, but suddenly I faces a guy who was playing the same deck, at least that what I thought until I realized He was doing it two or three times better than mine.The real key of the deck is Archfiend's Oath. A card that never saw the light of the competitive game until lavalval chain was release.

Al, Archfiend's Oath makes a huge combo with Plagespreader zombie and Malicious. You just put Malicious on top due to Plaguespreader effect and then, you only need to name any card and Malicious will hit the grave.

I will leave you now with the duel we had. Sadly the Audio is in Spanish, but I the most important things have been said on this post already. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Neo-Spacian Decklist September 2013

I think I have been posting too many things about this topic. I was trying to make things better, add some audio to the videos and even making it both in english and spanish, but I think it takes too much effort, time and space. I will keep making videos about the decks I built, the audio will be in spanish but I will add english subtitles. I really think that is the best solution, but you can leave a comment about it if you want.

So, going back to the topic of this post. Neo-Spacian is an OTK deck that needs only card to win, but you have to make a huge set up first:

1.- You need at least hummingbird and Neos in the grave (it still work if you have them in the field or in your hand, but it is better and easier if they are in grave.
2.- You need less life points than your opponent (because the winning condition es Neos).
3.- You need Miracle Contact.

Before continue with this explanation, here is the deck list:

3 Elemental hero prisma
2 Elemental hero neos
2 Hummingbird
2 Aqua Dolphin
1 Flare Scarab
1 Grand Mole
2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
2 Cardcar D

3 A hero lives
3 Convert Contact
3 Miracle Contact
2 Miracle Fusion
1 Book of moon
1 Dark hole
3 Upstar Goblin

3 Reckless Greed
1 Evacuation device

And now the extra deck because you cant figure out in your own...

2 Air neos
1 Aqua neos
1 Flare neos
1 Magma neos
1 Grand neos
1 Storm neos
1 H. Absolute zero
1 H. Nova master
1 H. Hero gaia
1 H. Great Tornado
1 H. The shinning
1 excalibur
1 Zenmaines
1 Diamond dire wolf

The main goal of the deck is winning with Air neos, who's attack increases according to the difference of life points between you and your opponent (when you are losing). In a perfect situation, your opponent will have like 11000 life points and you will have 1000 or so... Which means that Air neos attack will be 12500 atk.

How can we get our wining condition? We have 3 upstar goblin to increase deck consistence and also increase the opponent life points. Convert contact not only works like Destiny draw, it is also a foolish burial, which is great. You can only active convert contact in an empty field, which means we have to leave our field open, this is good because we can take damage from the opponent, also this work great with cardcar D and A hero lives. Talking about A hero lives, this should be the main reason this deck is good. You can use it to lower your own life points (increasing Air neos attack) and bring Elemental hero Prisma, he will work in two ways. Prisma will send any material to the grave for miracle contact or miracle fusion, and he will become a material for some contact fusions.

I also added gorz and tragoedia because an empty field is always a good place for those cards. Reckless greed is there because we have too much draw power (which means we could pull two reckless greed at the same time).

You can see how this work in the videos I uploaded the last week, so I think I don't need to say anything else.

I hope you like it and be ready for some chaos post.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Neo-Spacian VS Laval 2013

This is the last video about Neo-Spacian that I will ever made. The deck is good, is not a tier 1 deck, maybe not even a tier 2 deck. But its fast, cheap and fun. My next post will be deck list and finally I will be moving on to more exciting things.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Black Corn is legal in Europe but Adam Corn is illegal in America

Adam Corn was caught with "marked sleeves". Apparently he did it so good that the judges had to do three "RANDOM" deck checks on his table to finally found he was cheating....

According to him, all was framed to disqualified him. It is statistically impossible have three random deck checks. I honestly don't know what to believe, I have been reading Adam Corn feature match since the times of Metagame.com. I truly admired how he used to play, but time have changed and now everything behind the game look more dark than ever.

I leave you with his interview and you can find more about this topic in the blogs I recommend.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Neo-Spacian vs Fire King (Storm neos y Magma neos) Spanish

I made another video about Neo-Spacian. Don't worry, soon I will be uploading more content in english. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The real number behind Six Sense

Considering Dragon rulers has the deck with more draw power in the meta, we can widely agree the fact that they will be adding Six Sense into the main deck. But how many times they will be able to active it? And even if the do, how many times they will draw 5 or 6 cards?

Considering a normal hand of 6 cards, there is a 15% chance of draw Six Sence, and of course, a 33.3% of resolving the card correctly and drawing 5 or 6 cards. Which means there is a 5% chance of drawing +4 or +5 in any game, or 10% chance of milling 1 to 4 cards to the grave (which could be also good).

Considering a hand of 6 cards with Seven Swords, there is a 20% chance of draw Six Sence, and of course, a 33.3% of resolving the card correctly and drawing 5 or 6 cards. Which means there is a 6.6% chance of drawing +4 or +5 in any game, or 13.2% chance of milling 1 to 4 cards to the grave (which could be also good).

Considering a hand of 6 cards with Seven Swords and card of consonance, there is a 25.6% chance of draw Six Sence, and of course, a 33.3% of resolving the card correctly and drawing 5 or 6 cards. Which means there is a 8.4% chance of drawing +4 or +5 in any game, or 16.8% chance of milling 1 to 4 cards to the grave (which could be also good).

Of course, all this numbers increase exponentially every turn because the deck is going thin.

What this all really means in terms of competitive game?

We are talking about a 5-8.4% of wining automatically by card advantage in the second turn. So, in a tournament with 10 rounds (which probably means 30 duels), you will be wining at least one game (probably two) just because you active six sense successfully and draw.

That is what you really got if you buy six sense. You will win one game in one big tournament. Are you going to buy anyway?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Neo-Spacian and new content in spanish

I have been thinking about the low quantity of "let's play" yugioh videos in spanish in youtube, and then I finally decided to upload this one. I really believe Neo-Spacian could be a good tier 2 deck some day, but this build is still a bit far from that. In this video I made a mistake choosing to destroy another card instead of vanity of emptiness with my MST. I was hoping that Vanity will destroy itself in the middle of the chain, but that is not how that work. The link to the ruling is in the description box. This mistake don't change the result of this duel, I could win anyway if you think about it. This a rated match duel, so there is game 2 and 3. Did you want me to upload the rest?

He estado pensando en la poca cantidad de videos de yugi-oh en youtube en español, y he decidido subir este. Realmente creo que Neo-Spacian puede ser un buen deck tier 2 algun dia, pero esta construcción esta aun lejos de conseguirlo. En este video cometo un error destruyendo otra carta con MST en lugar de Vanity of emptiness, esperaba que vanity se destruyera solo en medio de la cadena pero no es asi como funciona. El link a este ruling concreto esta en la descripcion del video. Este error no cambia el resultado final del duelo, podria haber ganado de todos modos porque Storm neos hubera reventado las otras 2 cartas. Este es un rated Match duel, por tanto existe un duelo 2 y 3. Quieren que los suba?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ice barrier deck 2013

I have been thinking about what to post in the blog, but I couldn't find a topic interesting enough. I feel really far from the game and every day this feeling is bigger and bigger. This is not something I want to, I still love this game, the problem is I don't have a yugi-oh environment in my city to play.

So, I decided to make regular videos where I show other people duels (Meta and No-Meta decks). This is the first of many videos I will be posting. I also decide to add some commentary on the video to explain what is going on. As many of you already know, I'n not an English speaker, sorry if I don't speak correctly. I promise to do better in the future.