Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The man who beat me with my own strategy

This time I bring you a chaos deck, which I have being building to add bls - envoy of the twilight, A 3000 atk beastick. To summon it, you have to remove all lights or darks in grave, while you have the same amount of each atribute in grave. His effects are not really good and if you active it, you can not attack that turn. That is why this card is garbage for most people. But I think it have a lot of potential if you control the grave. Another card that I'm trying to add is Chaos seed. Which let you add a dark or light warrior monster from the RFG. If you play it correctly, you could make a loop between both BLS mosnter and Chaos seed, so you will always have a lv8 3000 atk monster.

I started testing this idea, but suddenly I faces a guy who was playing the same deck, at least that what I thought until I realized He was doing it two or three times better than mine.The real key of the deck is Archfiend's Oath. A card that never saw the light of the competitive game until lavalval chain was release.

Al, Archfiend's Oath makes a huge combo with Plagespreader zombie and Malicious. You just put Malicious on top due to Plaguespreader effect and then, you only need to name any card and Malicious will hit the grave.

I will leave you now with the duel we had. Sadly the Audio is in Spanish, but I the most important things have been said on this post already. 


  1. Publica el deck de Igiveup ! Me pareció demasiado creativo, y pienso lo mismo que él,el twilight no sirve para nada pero el diseño es muy bueno,esta muy padre pero aún así es muy padre ver estrategias fuera de los Rulers,sigue asi

    1. Ya estoy preparando un video al respecto, y hare un pequeño post sobre el tema en este blog.