Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chaos - Oath deck sept 2013

Hi everyone, I have been testing archfiend of Oath since the time I found that guy who beat me. After a lot of testing I finally make this built.

3 armageddon knight
3 Dark grepher
1 Evilswarm ketos
2 Dimensional alchemist
2 Photon trasher
1 Chaos sorcerer
1 Black luster Soldier - envoy of the beginning
1 Dark armed dragon
2 Plaguespreader zombie
3 Destiny hero malicious
3 Wybustar the ivory dragon
3 Collapserpent the ebony dragon
2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
2 Maxx C
2 Effect veiler
1 Archfiend of Heiress

1 Reinforcement of the army
1 Allure of darkness
1 Foolish burial
2 D.D.R. different dimension reencarnation
2 Archfiend's oath

The key combo here is summoning Lavalval Chain and send Heiress to the grave to search for Archfiend's Oath. In that way, you can put any monster on the top (BLS) and then name it with Oath effect to add it instantly.

Dark grepher, armageddon, trasher, ivory and ebony are some of the cards made it to accomplish that goal. According to your grave, you can search for DAD or BLS. Also, you can make the usual malicious-plagues combo. Plaguespreader zombie is a great card with Oath, and you can use it more than once if you draw DDR. I trully recommend this deck, one of the best things I ever played.

Now I leave you with a video of "Igiveup"the man who show me this strategy. Also, you should look out for a previous video on my channel, because I uploaded more things about this deck.


  1. The problem here comes when you have to fight against hand traps, backrow and cards like SB of Fate at the same time, it means you are f*****

    Veiler can stop the combo, and MST too, which is crap. BUT, I'm thinking I will use that strategy like a side deck, running lightsworn (of course xD) to gain more power and speed. I hope I can do something competitive, after all, I have a little knowledge about this kind of cards...

  2. Hand traps are a problem. One of the solution is stop the combo after lavalval and put Gorz on the top instead of DAD or BLS. I agree with you about backrow cards. Thats why I added evilswarm ketos and D.D.R, which work pretty good. You should try it.