Sunday, October 13, 2013

Neo-Spacian Decklist September 2013

I think I have been posting too many things about this topic. I was trying to make things better, add some audio to the videos and even making it both in english and spanish, but I think it takes too much effort, time and space. I will keep making videos about the decks I built, the audio will be in spanish but I will add english subtitles. I really think that is the best solution, but you can leave a comment about it if you want.

So, going back to the topic of this post. Neo-Spacian is an OTK deck that needs only card to win, but you have to make a huge set up first:

1.- You need at least hummingbird and Neos in the grave (it still work if you have them in the field or in your hand, but it is better and easier if they are in grave.
2.- You need less life points than your opponent (because the winning condition es Neos).
3.- You need Miracle Contact.

Before continue with this explanation, here is the deck list:

3 Elemental hero prisma
2 Elemental hero neos
2 Hummingbird
2 Aqua Dolphin
1 Flare Scarab
1 Grand Mole
2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
2 Cardcar D

3 A hero lives
3 Convert Contact
3 Miracle Contact
2 Miracle Fusion
1 Book of moon
1 Dark hole
3 Upstar Goblin

3 Reckless Greed
1 Evacuation device

And now the extra deck because you cant figure out in your own...

2 Air neos
1 Aqua neos
1 Flare neos
1 Magma neos
1 Grand neos
1 Storm neos
1 H. Absolute zero
1 H. Nova master
1 H. Hero gaia
1 H. Great Tornado
1 H. The shinning
1 excalibur
1 Zenmaines
1 Diamond dire wolf

The main goal of the deck is winning with Air neos, who's attack increases according to the difference of life points between you and your opponent (when you are losing). In a perfect situation, your opponent will have like 11000 life points and you will have 1000 or so... Which means that Air neos attack will be 12500 atk.

How can we get our wining condition? We have 3 upstar goblin to increase deck consistence and also increase the opponent life points. Convert contact not only works like Destiny draw, it is also a foolish burial, which is great. You can only active convert contact in an empty field, which means we have to leave our field open, this is good because we can take damage from the opponent, also this work great with cardcar D and A hero lives. Talking about A hero lives, this should be the main reason this deck is good. You can use it to lower your own life points (increasing Air neos attack) and bring Elemental hero Prisma, he will work in two ways. Prisma will send any material to the grave for miracle contact or miracle fusion, and he will become a material for some contact fusions.

I also added gorz and tragoedia because an empty field is always a good place for those cards. Reckless greed is there because we have too much draw power (which means we could pull two reckless greed at the same time).

You can see how this work in the videos I uploaded the last week, so I think I don't need to say anything else.

I hope you like it and be ready for some chaos post.


  1. is old ... but check this

    1. Adding Stratos to the deck change a lot of things. That deck is more focus on bring Excalibur with assault armor and attack with him, which is easier and more efficient. You must be a true fan of Hero decks if you still keep track of a decklist one year old.