Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tag Duel

I think I never talk about my personal life on this blog. I mean, my personal yugi-oh life. So, maybe is time to through some light on that.

I'm a tournament organizer on Cordoba, Spain. Some friends and I made a project to use a government house to play card games. The entire House is used for children's activities, we only made to project to use one room, one day, each week. The project was approved, so we go a play in a safe and nice play, where nobody messes with us, or nobody is forcing us to buy anything. I'm really proud of all we build there, if you want to know more about it, you can check CordobaDeck's blog.

We decide to spice things a little since the format become so nasty. That is the point when I re-designed the Tag Duel rules. This new rules are pretty similar to old UDE rules about tag duels, 2 (A and B) players play against 2 (C and D) players in teams and take turns to make the moves. So First turn is player A, second Turn is player C, then Player B, and finally D. Then it goes to player A again and so on.

The new thing here is the entire team has to follow the ban list. For example, only one player (A or B) can have heavy storm in the deck. Another new rule is that both players share the field, the graveyard and RFG, but they don't share the deck, the extra deck or their hands. This means that you can syncro or xyz summon with the monsters of your partner, or use call of the hunted on your partner monster. The best part maybe is that you can remove your partner monster to summon light Pulsar or chaos Sorcerer.

The result was delightful, we played an entire tournament with 6 teams and it was fun as hell. The winner was a Twilight-inzektor team. If you want to know more about the rules you can read on this link, but it is in spanish. I can translate it if anyone really want it.

I hope you like this idea.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A lot of things to say

I know I haven't post as usual as I used to, I really haven't too much time for that. And as you can read for my older posts, I don't feel on the mood. However I have a lot of things to say, one of those things is Heavy storm.

Heavy storm had to come back after all people setting their entire back row. It was clear to all of us, that the psychological effect of heavy storm in the game is important. However, right now I think we all see thing a little different. Wind-up, chaos dragon and heriatics are creating some many OTKs everywhere, and we can't create a backrow defense because of Heavy storm (and MST at 3). We also have Insektor, Rabbit and DW, they are not as deadly as the other three, but the presence of heavy is also a problem against them. We could think this is konami's fault and maybe it is, but that is not the point. Heavy storm become a problem by itself, it makes lightsworm, karakuri and agents really deadly. Somehow we forgot how broken is Heavy storm, and why it shouldn't be on the game.

What we need is something with the same effect of heavy storm, but with more cost or harder to play, I mean less broken. That is why I thought Heavy storm will be banned when Storm and Absorbing Jar was created, but it didn't happen. In fact, any card that should be banned was not banned in March. But today things become more clear to me.

First we have Poseidra as the boss monster of the next structural, wich effect only work on a format without heavy. And now we have an exclusive Heavy storm for the water archtype (Abyss-Strom) that send cards (not destroy). So, right now I feel pretty sure of heavy storm is going to be banned on september.

The result is pretty simple; we will be able to build a defense line against Insektor, Wind-up and heriatics. Older decks like BW, GB or GK will rise again, but only the decks which can be abuse of "Storm" will reach the competitive level, like Ninjas. Also ninjas have a lot of synergy with dragons, sea serpents and dinosaurs, three archetype that are well supported right now.

Honestly I see the game going in a good direction in september, if I'm right...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Alien invasion

I have been testing aliens lately and it give me good results. It has hard matchs, but any rouge deck on this format has it so. The best part is the possibility to use prohibition to stop Hornet or rescue rabbit, however it become almost a dead draw against chaos deck because I'm forced to call lyla or ryko or prohibition gets destroyed. 

The deck in general has some strong points that I will be glad to discuse after you see the decklist:


3 A Warrior
1 A telepath
3 A ammonite
3 A dog
2 Rai-oh
1 Honest

2 Prohibition
3 Code A ancient ruins
2 Mysterius triangle
3 duality


2 bottomless
2 Warnings
2 planet popullant virus
2 starlight
1 mirror foce
1 Solem judgment
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Offering to the snake deity

In a format like this, a lot of decks are constantly special summon monsters on the field, I can deal with them easily with alien kid and mysterious triangle. Also offering to the snake help a lot, but the best trap card is popullant virus, it is like raigeki with an added bonus. Prohibition is an usual side card against inzektor, but it can be usefull against dw, rabbit, wind-up, among others. It can be twice as usefull if you can take back prohibition to your hand to change the target according to the game state. But probably many of you don't know to put back prohibition to your hand. That is the great ability of the alien syncro monster.

I will make a few videos to show you how fun it is, but since DN don't have a system to track counter, I only play this deck against friends. If anyone want to duel me, you can do it.