Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Torneo en Sevilla

El dia 11 de diciembre, CórdobaDeck organiza un torneo en el Otakon de Sevilla. Un gran evento en el que yo actuaré como organizador y como Juez. Los premios y las caracteristicas del torneo ya se encuentran en internet, asi que espero poder ver a todos mis lectores de Sevilla y del resto de Andalucía alli.

FMD 2 more

So, I tried to record some games, but I don't always draw diva. So I'm only uploding those videos where I draw diva.

The deck is too much better than before. However, after 16 duels I only summon black mist twice. And only one of those time Black mist gave me the game.

On this game I use Herald of perfection instead of a monarch to make Trishula. Actually I won this because my opponent burn too many resources too fast.

My opponent used MST on Aoi and I almost loss to that. But then I saw his hand with mind crush and I had a chance to win the duel. My opponent keep burning resources to kill my monster, while I wait to draw anything strong. Diva gave me trishula again and I almost won if he wouldn't draw that lucky JD.

This type of strategy works better on a different meta. I will talk about that on another post I guess.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Frog-Monarch Designator again...

I don't want to bore all of you with this topic again. I just say that deck works better with diva and black mist.

3 swap frogs
2 tree F
3 Dupe F
3 deep sea diva
1 lost blue breaker
1 Ronintoadin
3 raiza
2 caius
1 vanity
1 gorz

3 duality
3 enemy C
2 d.d. designator
1 Heavy storm
1 Reborn

2 Mind crush
1 Trap dustshoot
3 spiritual water aoi

Diva works like another monarch because I can bring android in early game, or gachi gachi or armory arms in the middle game, or black mist in late game. Also, I don't need to use 7 tribute monster, so that means less dead draws. Diva match perfectly with aoi too, I can even use two aoi in the first turn thanks to diva.

I won't upload more videos because it seems redundant, but I can change my mind if someone really don't believe it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nº 96: Black Mist

I can use the frog engine to summon this card, I will get a boss monster thanks to the engine. I just need to summon swap frog, ronin and another lv2 monster. And we all know the perfect lv2 water monster: Deep Sea Diva. Who can give another lv2 monster on the field. Now I can threat my opponent with a syncro summon or a xyz summon. Also diva + monarch + treeborn frog = trishula.
I'm testing the new version of Frog Monarch Designator and looks amazing, maybe I will put a few videos.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Finally someone new and with real passion show us that this game is about fun (and really expensive cards), but mainly fun XD.

You can see the decklist here. This guy talks a lot but I really like to hear his opinion. He even side a Sword of revealing light just to troll a little.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Frog-Monarch Designator: Final conclusion

I hope you, at least, had seen one of the videos I made before read this.

The wining condition of the deck is based on a simple concept. If you control your opponent resources, you can control the duel. However this concept isn't always true. This strategy is strong as long as the game is based on 2 or 3 cards combos. Not combo decks are usually antimeta, which usually play slowly enough to win with monarchs. But we have to take one more thing in consideration: 1 card combo.

The one card combo is based on a single card capable of change the duel on his own. Examples of that is Monster Reborn, JD, BLS, among others. Mostly, all of them need some previous preparation before be useful. If you see my duel against Tourguide plants, you can see that my opponent had BLS on his hand but I never led him summon it. However there are few exceptions, those cards are Tengu, Tourguide, Dark hole, among others. These cards can be drawing and instantly played, even more you can draw Tourguide and instantly kill a monarch. That is the reason of some of my losses. So, the wining probability of this deck is negatively correlated to the number of good cards that can work to well on their own.

About the decklist, I have been testing a lot of different things to put inside.

Back to the square one: This is another pwwb but you always have to target monster. It is a great card that led me see the opponent hand with mind crush on the next turn. But sometimes the number of discard cost was to high. I changed it for Enemy controller, which gave me too many victories on his own.

Effect veiler: I already have too many control cards with even higher costs and better benefits. I couldn't loss more space on cards that don't give field advantage.

Duality: Yes, I have to play three copies. I need to active it on my first turn, to pull aoi-frog combo, and if i don't need it, I can discard it with pwwb. This card is totally necessary to make the deck consistence.

Mother grizzly: At some point, I used mother Grizzly to increase the chance to get my frogs on the field, however the probability to draw a frog is too high, and drawing a mother grizzly on late game is really awfull.

Tragoedia: Aoi-Frog combo is really expensive, and it totally worth it. However it doesn't match with tragoedia, since my hand is reduced. Also even when I summon it under the best condition, it wasn't so useful. Also I couldn't use pwwb, mind crush, etc because it could reduce my hand. I changed both of them for mst and Heavy storm.

The best thing I tested was the Frog engine. I'm talking about Des frog, the only "monarch" that can be search it from the deck or grave due to Dupe frog. Also you can really use the second effect of swap frog to summon twice. Or use two des frog to summon Tiras or Andreus, or clean the field with Des croacking. The results where great, but the number of potential dead draws were too high.

Finally I think the deck is good, could be better if the game wasn't so fast. But it will be definitely something that I will test again on march.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FMD duels (part 2)

Now I upload 5 videos, there was two more duels where I loss in the first turn, so I won't upload them.

On this one I could play vanity instead of caius at the begining, but luckly I won anyway.

This guy offered me a rematch, so we played a full match. I won the first one but I should be presure over him from the begining.

On the second duel, he OTKed me, nothing else to say...

On the third duel he started with a bad hand so I slowly won, probably you can skip this video because there is nothing interesting on wining on this way.

And the last video is another DW duel, and probably the prove that Tragoedia isn't a good choice at least for this build. Even when I special summoned under the best conditions, it didn't be able to push for damage and it was easily destroyed. Also, I ussually burn resources (swap frog and Aoi) during a duel, so Tragoedia is hard to play.

I will talk more about the deck, and will try to draw a conclussion

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FMD Duels

Today I will upload three videos and tomorrow another three videos. They took too much time, which I hate. The deck aims his purpose almost every duel but I'm not always won anyway.

On this one I think I should choose a different 1º turn play. Also my opponent decides to syncro summon trishula instead of a burei combo, so I manage to survive and almost win.

On this one my hand was like crap, but he made my d.d. designator alive, and when I saw his hand I found a way to win the duel.

On this one I learned something, aoi send the card to the grave, not discard. So the effects don't apply. Again, I almost win this, but he managed to control my hand before I controled his hand, LOL.

As you can see, the deck is good but still need something to really push over the opponent. I will make three more videos and then, I will talk a little more about the deck.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Frog-Monarch Designator

As I said in my last post, I have been searching for a good deck to maindeck D.D. designator. I get three potential decks that let me see the opponent hand. The first is Gishki, however I instantly decide to not try it due to what I said in this post. The second deck is Darkworlds of course but I don't like to give free cards to my opponent (dragged down to the grave and dark world dealing). And the last is Frog Monarch due to AOI and raiza and this is probably the best option because, if I have a frog in the grave, almost every card in my hand can work on his own.

So, the wining condition is: Check the opponent hand, eliminate treats, and control with monarch and vanity fiend.
However the deck lacks of consistency because is impossible to search for any card of the wining condition. So even when I add extra copies of those cards in the deck the result is mostly the same or worse. After a lot of testing I end up with a decent decklist I think.

I will give you the decklist, tomorrow I will make some videos about the deck. In this case, I will make at least 6 videos so you can really see all the advantages and disadvantages of the deck.

3 swap frogs
2 tree F
3 Dupe F
1 Sangan
1 Ronintoadin
3 raiza
2 caius
2 vanity
1 gorz
2 trago
2 fader

3 duality
3 enemy C
2 d.d. designator
1 Reborn

2 Mind crush
1 Trap dustshoot
3 spiritual water aoi

Thursday, November 10, 2011

D.D. designator

This format all the people is trying to search by any mean possible. That's why Mind crush become a staple in many sidedecks, and in some cases a main deck card. However when we consider the Darkworld match, we can't use Mind crush. So, most of the time they are free to search any darkworld monster they want.

D.D. Designator is capable to solve that problem, since the card is banished. Also, unlike Mind crush, you always get to see the opponents hand and that information could be the key to win the game.

I'm trying to main this card but the deck is still in progress. I will put it a Decklist and a few videos really soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

XYZ Territory

When XYZ monsters appeared a few months ago, all of us think almost the same: "Good effects but low stats". So, it was clear that we have to take control of duel in order to use a bunch of XYZ monsters.

When I was working on my Crystal Beast deck, I had that idea in my mind: I need to control the duel and keep the tempo.
All of that is over, XYZ territory breaks that concept and force everyone to use pure XYZ summon decks in order to win. Of course, that won't happen today or tomorrow because we have a lot of broken cards on this format. But it will happen; XYZ territory makes 3300atk Utopia, 3100atk leviathan, 2700atk Roach, 2900atk SHOCK RULER!!!

With this card, I can even clean the field with Crystal beast. Can you imagine something like that? I random guy is using CB and sworn the field in the second turn... without Crystal beast abundance.

Take your chance and try to pick all the copies you can of this card. Probably most people think it is garbage, so it won't be hard to trade. You will thank me in a few months.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Telepon D.D.

I was thinking about the few Macro decks capable of reach top32 on previous YCS. Most of them share one concept, a lv4 tuner. Doesn't matter his attribute, type, attack, def or effect; the only thing important is to accomplish the goal, which is summoning a lv8 syncro with D.D. survivor.

At the beginning all the macro decks had "rose, warrior of revenge" inside, because it was the only lv4 tuner. But now there are plenty of lv4 tuners in the game, and probably the best generic one is Guldfaxe of the nordic beast. However there is one card that makes me think there is a better option for the deck, and that card is Telepon D.D.

If this face-up card is banished: you can banish 1 psychic-type monster with 1500 atk or less from the deck. During your next stand-by phase, special summon that monster. (This card don't miss timing)

With Macro on the field, this card assure you a monster on the field always, so it works exactly like D.D. survivor, and it is a perfect tribute for any monarch, syncro summon or to protect your life points. Also the special summon happens on the next turn, so you can summon telepon D.D. in the same turn that you played pot of duality. The only issue is, what could we bring from deck? The old answer to that question is Krebons, a card that probably many of you already forgot. Another option is Psychic commander, the only 1900 attack monster that don't fall in bottomless trap hole.

Even when this simple idea could end up in a great improvement for Macro decks, I'm hoping for more than that. The last two expansion on this game had support for all the psychic decks, maybe Order of chaos will give the final piece of the puzzle that will make Macro-psychic or pure psychic decks the push they need.

I will work on a decent build as soon as Order of chaos is revealed, whether it have any psychic support inside.