Monday, February 25, 2013

Side deck card against Ophion

I was building a gogogo zombie deck and I found this card:

It is a great card against Ophion since they remove one material to search for their infestation pandemic. Then you just use space cyclone to remove the last material on Ophion and it is done. You can special summon gorz or tragoedia or anything you need to beat him.

Btw, Forbidden lance or infestation pandemic can't stop space cyclone because Cyclone don't affect the xyz monster, only affects the material. I already ask this question on the judge forum.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Deck lockdown and the blue-eyes

Many of you probably already played against Spellbook and their new awesome draw card, and even when the deck is really vulnerable to Rai-oh or Naturia beast, I present you another solution:

It not only works like Rai-oh, it also stop special summons from the deck, which is good against fire king or temperance or rescue rabbit, or tourguide, and so on...

Honestly, I know is not a really good choice but that's because this game have 3 mst on it. Maybe if you are playing aliens or Beastlord Volcan...

Anyway, probably all of you already heard about the new structural deck based on Blue-eyes white dragon. Finally Konami realize most of his audience are adults XD

So, if you remember this card, I suggest you to buy it while it is still a low price card.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mind Crush to 3

Usually the banlist give me some cards back to innovate in this game. However, this time the banlist had almost nothing interesting for innovation. Except, maybe mind crush to 3.

With all the meta decks searching a lot of cards every turn, mind crush is key to stop them and look their hand. With that information we should be able of play around and win in a few turns.

So, which deck can successfully use 3 mind crush?

Dark World! of course, however I think all of you already know how dark world wins and how mind crush work inside of it.

That's why I want to talk about my old deck Designator Monarch. If 1 mind crush could be enough to stop fire fist or spellbook or mermail. Imagine all you can do with Mind Crush + AOI + D.D. Designator

Pretty deadly if you ask me...

Friday, February 15, 2013

March BanList 2013

Edited Friday: Much better Banlist. Good Luck to everybody in the new format


Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

Wind-Up Magician
One Day of Peace
Solemn Warning

Thunder King Rai-Oh
Advanced Ritual Art

Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Shien's Smoke Signal

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gishki FTK = Victory Dragon

Probably all you already know about the gishki FTK deck. However, since I'm part of the judge program, I heard extensive discussions about how  this deck win the whole match with only 1 duel.

Iin case you still don't know how this deck works, or if you need to remember the key moves, you can check it again here. 

So, in the last part of the combo, if you return upstar goblin instead of one day of peace, You will be the only  one to draw a card. Repeat this complex process over and over.... and you will be burning time. When the the duel goes in time and Turns are call. You proceed to deck out the opponent and that's it. You win the whole the match with only one duel. 

Many of you may think this is looping, and in yu-gi-oh you can't do it,  you have to say the number of times you will repeat the loop and that's it. But no.

This is looping:

Player A control King tiger wanghu.

Player B special summon treeborn frog in the stand by phase

Wanghu destroy treeborn

Player B bring back treeborn

Wanghu destroy it

Player B IS LOOPING, because he is repeating the exactly the same action over and over without any change in the game. In this case, player B have to say a number a of times he want to this move (like 500 times). 

Gishki FTK, in the other hand, never loop. It go through 3-4 moves that finally increase opponent life point by 1000. It is not the same because the game is changing and It is not only 1 action. 

So, Gshki FTK decks is like Victory dragon. If you go first, you can win the whole match with only one duel. 
Probably yu-gi-oh is facing the worst deck in history. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where can I find the real Banlist before anyone else?

Well... if you work for Konami secret banlist department, maybe you wouldn't need to google for this question XD  LOL


When I'm looking for the banlist, I always check this page. They always have the REAL banlist in the second week of March/August before any other english page I ever saw. So, be ready to trade fast if you want to take advantage of this information.