Friday, September 2, 2011

Crystal beast XYZ

This is the build I will be testing this format:

3 Pegasus
3 Ambar
3 Amatist
3 Ruby
3 Topaz
2 Summoner monk
2 Veiler

2 Ancient city - rainbow ruins
1 Terraforming
3 Crystal beacon
3 Crystal promise
2 Crystal release
2 Crystal blessing
3 Pot of duality
1 Book of moon
1 Dark hole

1 Torrential tribute

The second summoner monk is great for the deck and veiler really help to avoid those removal cards (caius, chaos, etc). But I think the deck works different to the old version of crystal beast deck, the absence of abundance is an example of that. I'm going to talk about some specific points to clear things up.

1º I'm not trying to bring all the crystal to the field: The old version of the deck supossed to bring as many crystal as it could. Then it took advantage from the field spell effects and crystal abundance. That is totally overrated right now. Now the deck aims to put at least two crystals in S/T zone. Then it use crystal beacon to bring ruby and special summon all the crystal to make some xyz summons.

2º Crystal blessing is not a dead card anymore: In the past, Crystal blessing was the worst card to start the duel because you need to get your crystals in the grave. To do that, you need to summon it first, and then they have to be destroy in the S/T zone. Of course, there is a chance they are in the grave because you use abundance, but if you acctually active abundance, you are probably wining the duel anyway. Now things are changed, now your crystals goes to grave after they have been used like xyz material, and that will happen too often.

3º Promise > Reborn: Promise represent the crystal that ruby have inside, and it accomplish the same purpose. It is the second way you have to summon the monsters you need to do your xyz summons.

4º Pegasus bring cards from the grave too: Don't forget it XD

5º Ancient city - rainbow ruins breaks the rules: This card have a lot of effects, but the first effect has a special ruling. If you have at least one crystal beast in your S/T zone and your opponent use heavy storm or black rose, Ancient city will not be destroy. Watch it.

6º XYZ summoning: In a typical situation the deck summon two xyz monster at the same time, and the best combination is Utopia + Roach. But in some cases Vylon Disigma and Nº16 Ruler of color will give you an instant wining condition.

I hope you like the build. To be honest, if you don't get to summon roach faster, there is no way you can win against Kristia.

P.D. I'm happy for the XYZ ruling change :P


  1. megaa likee pero ps aver cuando se viene el vylon a mexico xD

  2. Rate this extra deck?
    umber 39: Utopia
    2x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
    2x Number 34: Terror Byte
    2x Wind-Up Zenmaister
    2x Steelswarm Roach
    2x Leviair the Sea Dragon
    2x Number 20: Giga Brilliant
    1x Number 10: Illumiknight

  3. it looks pretty good. But I think that Disigma is really important on the deck, so try to get one when HA5 will release.